Many Voices, One 九州bet9登录!

In a truly equitable and inclusive community, we are greater than the sum of our parts. 在九州bet9登录, 所有种族的学生, 种族, 社会经济背景, 性别身份, 性取向, 宗教, and philosophical and political backgrounds live, 学习, 创建, 成长, 一起玩得开心. Fostering a truly equitable and inclusive community requires dedication, and our work to achieve this end goal is ongoing. 阅读更多关于这项工作的信息, 的成就, and the opportunities to do more throughout these pages.


我们教什么 & 我们如何教它


Commitment of the Board of Trustees

招生 & 多元文化的推广

人力资源招聘 & 培训


In a diverse community, differing points of view are welcome. Protecting the scope of open discourse and the courageous exploration of ideas has always been, 而且还在继续, an important part of the 九州bet9登录 culture.





Created by Archivist and Records Manager Rosemary Davis, this 时间轴 looks at the impact of the civil rights movement at 九州bet9登录 from 1950-present. 

九州bet9登录 | Civil Rights Timeline

Edsel Ford Memorial 图书馆

to access anti-racism resources curated by the staff of Edsel Ford Memorial 图书馆. 

Edsel Ford Memorial 图书馆 | 九州bet9登录



Annika Lescott | 九州bet9登录

“What students experience at 九州bet9登录 will help shape their roles as future leaders and changemakers. Every student should feel ‘at home’ at 九州bet9登录 — included in the community and appreciated for the diversity of thought, 的角度来看, and background they bring to bear. We owe it to our students and ourselves to dedicate our time, talents, and treasures to this work.”

– Annika Lescott '06, Trustee


“As a mission-driven institution, the students we teach are as important as what we teach them. Who they are very directly affects who we are as a whole, 我们代表什么, and the relevance of our institution.”


– Erby Mitchell P ’21, Dean of 入学 and 金融援助

克雷格·W. 布拉德利·九州bet9登录基斯

九州bet9登录 is first and foremost a 学习ing community. In order to 学习 well, each member of the community must feel safe, seen, and supported. 这个多元, pluralistic school comprises the strength, 智慧, 毅力, 好奇心, and joy of every individual member.”

——克雷格·W. 我是校长布拉德利

伊丽莎白G. Hines b| 九州bet9登录

“The School has a responsibility to ensure that our Black students, and students from other historically under-represented groups, have access to the same robust and supportive education as other students at 九州bet9登录 do. 我们所知道的. . . is that too often this has not been true. For that, we are deeply sorry — and we pledge to shift that reality. Now is the time for us to enact changes that ensure equity and accountability across our programs and policies, 把想法变成行动.”

——伊丽莎白·G. Hines ’93, Board of Trustees Co-President



  • Any student wishing to report a recent or current incident of bias can do so via the Bias Incident Reporting Form, available on the 九州bet9登录 Hub.
  • Any alumni wishing to communicate a historic incident of bias can do so using a form available here.